The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants will, yes you heard that right, or read it right, rather, will make history when they kick off on Saturday.

This will be a first in NFL history, and it points to all the signs of a great playoff game in the making, even though when both of these teams played each other nearly at full health, it saw the Eagles win 48-22.

But, both of these teams are very different now, as we found out in Week 18. But, both quarterbacks had great seasons, and both are reasons why the game on Saturday will be so special.

Per NFL Communications:

The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles will meet for the third time this season on Saturday night. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts ranked fourth among quarterbacks with 760 rushing yards in 2022, while the Giants’ Daniel Jones ranked fifth with 708. Saturday’s meeting will mark the first playoff matchup in NFL history in which both starting quarterbacks each had at least 600 rushing yards in the regular season and the fifth with each having at least 500 rushing yards.

This season these two quarterbacks both made huge jumps and were the reasons their teams did so well. For the Giants, they made the playoffs for the first time since 2016, and Jones had his best season by far. He was able to run the ball on the ground efficiently, as well as his game through the air.

He only had 3,200 passing yards and 15 touchdowns, but just by watching the throws he was making you can easily see the improvements that he has made.

As for Hurts, well, we all know his story. This guy was a player that no one wanted because he apparently couldn’t throw. He went from that to a guy that was widely considered the MVP before he got hurt.

These two teams don’t like each other either, just to make things even better. But, the play the quarterbacks have had this year should make things exciting.

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