Coming into this season there were a lot of questions about this Philadelphia Eagles team. Most of them surrounded the defense, but there were some with the offense.

How would Jalen Hurts be in his second full season? How would the offense be with DeVonta Smith getting better, along with A.J. Brown as the new number one? There were a few different questions.

While it is only Week 2, I think we can answer a few of those. Hurts can flat-out ball.

I think it is safe to say Hurts may have played his best game yet, and if it wasn’t, it’s definitely up there. The Monday Night Football game for the Eagles was one of the more impressive wins we have seen with Hurts at quarterback.

Hurts simply did it all.

Right after the game, the Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni was asked about Hurts’ game, and this is what he said.

“Yeah it was a big-time performance by him, obviously in the run game and the passing game,” Sirianni said. “Great run, both of his touchdown runs were outstanding really… big-time performance on a big time stage.”

Then, on the Eagles live stream, you can faintly hear the reporter ask him “What about his passing?”

He responded in the best way possible

“I mean, how many yards did he have? 333 with 80%,” Sirianni shrugged. “You know the stats.”

It seems like Sirianni has the utmost confidence in his quarterback, as he should. Hurts is showing that everyone should instill some confidence in him.

The guy is doing things that not many seem to come, and he is only getting better. I think in this game Sirianni kind of let’s lose a bit in terms of letting Hurts kind of do what he wants. He gave him the freedom to run the offense how it should be run.

I think it only goes up from here. Will there be bumps in the road? Of course. However, this is a huge step in the right direction for where the Eagles want to be.

Featured Image Via Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports