While Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers aren’t having their best season, well actually they are having a bad season, they still have Rodgers, who is one of the most respected quarterbacks in the league. The Philadelphia Eagles will play the, this Sunday.

In a way, the two seasons between Jalen Hurts and Aaron Rodgers are flipped, when thinking about how they played this year, compared to last.

Last season Rodgers was the MVP candidate all season long, and actually won the MVP. Hurts weren’t having a bad season, but it definitely wasn’t good.

Now it’s flipped.

Rodgers is a guy that most quarterbacks around the league, but especially the younger ones, respect a ton. He has seen and done it all, highs and lows.

“I have a lot of respect for any quarterback that goes out there and plays the game in an efficient, winning way,” Hurts told reporters on Wednesday. “And I think when you look at the NFL right now there are a ton of different quarterbacks who do it in their own way.

“There is no definite way to play the position. You know, it’s all about winning in the end and it looks different from different quarterbacks. You know you talk about guys like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, guys I watched when I was growing up as a kid, those were guys that set the precedent for the position. They are great. They are great for a reason.”

Hurts and Rodgers will be playing each other on Sunday for the first time since Hurts’ very first game in the league.

The Eagles struggled that game as they lost 30-16, but Hurts was fine in his first game. A lot of people saw what he did in that game and knew the guy had potential.

Now, look at Hurts, an MVP candidate.

The Packers aren’t great this year, and Rodgers hasn’t been the best we have seen him, or even close to it, but a lot of guys around the league respect him, and Hurts is one of them.

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