The Pittsburgh Steelers will open the 2022 season on the road against the Cincinnati Bengals. The game will take place at 1:00 PM ET.

Pittsburgh’s home-opener will be a week later, on September 18, against the New England Patriots.

This will be the eighth straight season that the Steelers have opened the season with the home game.

The reasoning?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are playing a home series against the St Louis Cardinals from September 9 to September 11 (Friday-Monday).

Heinz Field and PNC Park (the home of the Pirates) don’t necessarily share a parking lot, but they share a lot of parking areas in close proximity. A baseball game and a football game taking place at the same time would be a logistical nightmare.

The Steelers and the Pirates last played at the same time on a Sunday in 2013….and it was not ideal. Traffic was a mess. Fans were losing patience. It just wasn’t a good idea to have both teams playing at the same time.

So it makes perfect sense to schedule the Steelers on the road. But maybe next year, MLB can help the Steelers out and schedule the Pirates on the road in early September. It seems like it should be the Steelers’ turn to play at home that weekend.

Featured image via Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports