Pittsburgh Steelers Pro-Bowler Cam Heyward had the best quote of the week after beating the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

And the quote actually had nothing to do with beating New Orleans.

Instead, it centered around defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick is expected to miss multiple games after undergoing an appendectomy this weekend.

The former Alabama standout was going through Pittsburgh’s walk-through on Saturday when it was discovered that he needed an appendectomy.

Heyward was asked after the win against the Saints if the team noticed anything “off” about Fitzpatrick at the walk-through.

The veteran defensive lineman said they didn’t think anything was off because Fitzpatrick is “grumpy all the time”.

Media sessions with NFL players can often be “too serious” and they can often turn contentious.

It’s always nice to see some humor mixed in. And Heyward’s quote about Fitzpatrick certainly generated some laughs on Sunday afternoon.

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