Body language says a lot in the NFL. One can always get an accurate feel for what a player is thinking by simply surveying and analyzing said player’s physical actions and how they physically react to an event.

When it comes to Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, it’s clear the failures of the 2022 season are taking their toll on the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

Brady is literally in a spot he’s never been in over the course of his 22 years and 23 seasons in the NFL. The Buccaneers are a 3-5 team and they’ve lost three in a row. Both of those feats, for lack of a better word, are brand new to Brady.

Brady’s postgame presser felt awfully heavy, as well. Brady spoke lightly and seemed not just disappointed, but dejected as he answered questions from reporters.

“You know, I think we struggled in pretty much at everything,” Brady told reporters. “We just struggled in the red area, struggled on third down, struggled in the run game, two-point plays, short yardage, when backed up, at the start of the first quarter, start of the third quarter – not very good offensive football.”

Things looked promising for the Buccaneers in the beginning. They scored 10 points and racked up 120 total net yards while amassing a 10-3 lead. But, the offense sputtered afterward. The following five drives saw the Buccaneers produce just 59 total net yards and two first downs.

The Buccaneers had more three-and-outs (3) than they did first downs (2) during the second and third quarter.

It’s clear why Brady is carrying himself the way he is. This is not how everyone envisioned this year going, at all. And it doesn’t look like things are going to get better anytime soon.

But, if there’s one person to put stock in when it comes to righting the ship, it’s still Brady.

The Buccaneers just better hope he’s got enough left in the emotional tank to get it done.

You can check out Brady’s full presser, below: