The Chicago Bears have to be pleased with what they’ve gotten from Justin Fields over the last few weeks.

He’s been using his legs more, instead of holding on to the ball and either taking sacks or forcing throws down the field. But also, the Bears have made it a mission to scheme his running ability into the game plan, which has allowed Fields to be more comfortable on the field and avoid any mistakes that can come as a result of overthinking or impatience.

The overall passing stats haven’t been a serious upgrade, which is still a result of the inconsistent offensive line the Bears have, Fields’ own progression as a passer, as well as the top heavy receiving group the unit has right now as well.

But the offense has still blossomed, as the unit has scored at least 29 points over its last three games.

However, with a mobile quarterback, questions arise regarding the sustainability of putting your quarterback in harms way while injecting a heavy dose of designed quarterback runs.

Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy was asked about that, as well as if this change in scheme is something the Bears are specifically doing now to get Fields comfortable.

Or in other words, are the changes we’re seeing now offensively, being specifically used to help Fields get more acclimated on the field.

“It’s not a dramatic change [in scheme after the mini-bye week],” Getsy said. “I think what you’re seeing is just somebody [Fields] more comfortable calling a play, more comfortable in understanding what the play means.”

“So you’re able to do more things.”

Getsy then expanded on the answer, explaining that the supporting cast has elevated their plays as well. Which in part, has helped Fields grow on the field before our very eyes.

“You have the quarterback [Fields], when he’s feeling comfortable with what’s going on around him, the confidence obviously grows.” Getsy said.

Getsy has done a good job at recognizing Fields’ strengths and scheming around them as time has passed. That only does you and the rest of the offense favors, as you try to figure out what Fields can improve on and if he has the upside to achieve those growth goals as well.

We’re seeing the beginning stages of that, with Getsy beginning to adapt more to the strong-suits of his players, instead of conforming them to a personal scheme or calling fearful plays, afraid that those same players will make mistakes.

That’ll serve well for this Bears offense moving forward, as it tries to present itself as an improved unit with dynamic potential across all 11 spots.

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