We’ve heard plenty of incredible stories about former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson over the years.

Those stories, however, never get old.

And this week, we heard another great one.

Former NFL defensive back Darius Butler appeared on the “Up and Adams” show with Kay Adams this week and told a tremendous story about Johnson talking trash despite the fact he was literally in the middle of running his route.

“Chad Ochocinco, who is known to talk, this dude is the only player, the only receiver to ever talk trash to me during a route,” said Butler. “Literally in the middle of his route he’s telling me ‘hey man, I got the best feet in the league’. And I mean he came out of the break and I’m like ‘you’re on to something, 85’. It was always friendly, but he would definitely talk trash all throughout the game and even throughout the down which was nuts.”

I don’t think anyone will be surprised by this. Johnson is one of the great characters in the history of the NFL. And this story is completely on brand.

Johnson made football fun while playing at an elite level. There’s a reason he’s such a recognizable figure even 10 years after his playing career ended.

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Featured image via Leigh Taylor, Cincinnati Enquirer