KANSAS CITY – The Kansas City Chiefs have now won the AFC West six straight years. Last year, Mahomes had an ‘off year’, but did not matter because they still won the division. The year before that, the Chiefs won 14 games and made it to the Super Bowl.

This year, I guess it is time for someone else to win it. Maybe the Chiefs are ‘due’ a bad year in the AFC West. Or maybe another team is due a better season. I mean, it is the best division in football. 

The fact of the matter is, those are not good enough reasons to have the Chiefs not winning the division when history is on the Chiefs’ side.

NFL Analyst, and former Pro Bowler K.J. Wright makes bold Chiefs prediction

K.J Wright, a former Pro Bowler with the Seattle Seahawks, recently gave his opinion on NFL Network regarding the AFC West and why the Chiefs aren’t the favorites in 2022.

“They’re not [the favorite],” said Wright. “When I look at the off-season they put together, I did not like it. Letting Tyreek Hill leave that building is going to take some time to overcome. You can’t just let him leave the building and expect to still be number one in the division.”

That is a very good reason to not pick the Kansas City Chiefs to win the division. Only it isn’t. If Tyreek Hill is/was that important, to where his departure drops the Chiefs as the favorite to win the AFCW, then Hill would be the MVP of the league.

Wright then proceeded to pick the Raiders to win the division. However, he did not really give an actual reason why, but instead just named players and coaches they added.

“Who’s number one is going to be the Las Vegas Raiders,” explained Wright. “That’s who I have as the number one. When you look at the off-season they put together, bringing in Josh McDaniels, he is a quarterback guru, he has a blueprint to getting guys to the Super Bowl. When you pair him with Derek Carr, and you bring in Derek Carr’s favorite weapon Davante Adams in, I cannot wait to see those guys go to work this year.

“And then on the defensive side, we haven’t even gotten to defense yet, they are bringing in the best pass rusher, in my opinion, in Chandler Jones. Pairing him with Maxx Crosby, will be a fun tandem to watch. So the Raiders are number one in the division.”

For starters, Wright did not mention any of the new additions the Chiefs have. No JuJu Smith-Schuster, and no mentioning of any of the rookies, who were considered by many to be a part of the best draft class.

Fans should not take criticism, if that’s what this even is, to heart. Wright did not give an actual reason. And if you cannot tell, he sounds like he is trying to give a hot take, as if the Chiefs are not one of the Super Bowl favorites.

Featured Image: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports