Travis Kelce knows how devastating it is to miss out on playing pro football because of a severe injury.

This is because the ninth-year tight end injured his knee during training camp of his rookie year and it eventually led to season-ending surgery. He didn’t play one single offensive snap that year.

Since then, Kelce has never missed more than one game in a single season. He’s played in 126 of 129 possible regular season games and one of those missed games was due to COVID. It’s pretty remarkable because we all know how hard it is to stay healthy in the NFL. Or just in football, in general.

Kelce attributes a lot of his availability to a key part of his fitness routine. And it’s not just a key part, but it’s also akin to something out of a Neill Blomkamp film.

The dude has a simulator that makes it seem like he is running underwater. recently conducted an interview with Kelce about the process, which features an Instagram post from 2015 of Kelce running on a treadmill while simulating an underwater environment.

I was honestly hoping that we’d get to see a clip of him in running in a giant tank. While it’s a bit disappointing that’s not the case, it’s still pretty cool to see how the simulation works:


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Per the interview, Kelce has been using the machine ever since it helped him rehab an ankle injury during that same rookie season. The sessions help his muscles release lactic acid, which speeds up recovery time and also helps prevent future muscular injuries. The fact the workout is done in a low-impact environment helps, as well.

Sports science is as useful as ever and it’s always cool to see things like this. Hopefully we’ll get to see someone actually running in a tank one day, too.

You can check out Insider’s full interview, here.

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