The Minnesota Vikings (12-3) and Green Bay Packers (7-8) is one of the NFL’s fiercest, most historic rivalries. While the Vikings won the first match, it’s the Packers who are favored.

Green Bay is playing great on offense and stout on defense to have created a window for themselves to enter the playoffs.

However, something you can’t afford to do is give a team bulletin board material like All-Pro CB Jaire Alexander is giving.

In their first matchup, Justin Jefferson caught nine of 11 targets for 184 yards and two touchdowns. Often covered by Alexander himself.

Alexander spoke on this weekend’s rematch, calling Jefferson’s first game against the Vikings a one time thing.

“You’ve just got to be real. He don’t jump in no super suit and get dressed and jump outside, you hear me? I don’t either, sometimes. But he human, is what I’m saying. We ain’t putting too much on nobody. He’s a really good receiver. But at the end of the day, I’m a really good corner.

We’ve got really good corners. We’ve got really good linebackers, D-line, whatever it is. You don’t want to put too much focus on that one person because it’s like, the first game, that was a fluke.”

‘Fluke’ is probably the wrong word. The Minnesota Vikings superstar has had eight games with at least nine catches, and three games with 184+ yards this season.

Alexander is one to talk smack but has had his struggles this season as well. According to PFR, In the season opener, he was targeted five times in coverage. Allowing three catches for 20 yards.

However, on the season has given up multiple games with 4+ receptions (6) and least 60% completion (8).

Despite making the Pro Bowl (Games), Alexander hasn’t been the shutdown corner all season he is supposed to be. He’s very much still one of the game’s best, but poking the bear on the brink of history, trying to make the playoffs, isn’t smart strategy.

If the Minnesota Vikings have any motivation for this game, it’s intensified.

Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker of USA TODAY Sports