“13 seconds” will forever be a huge part of Kansas City Chiefs lore.

And for good reason. It’s one of the more fascinating play sequences in NFL history and it came against one of the NFL’s best modern-day quarterbacks in Buffalo’s Josh Allen.

It’s also become the Chiefs’ 2022 mantra, to an extent. Any time Patrick Mahomes and co. are put in comeback mode, you’ll notice the broadcasters have a very tough time refraining from saying something like, “Well, they did it in 13 seconds!”.

Or something to that extent.

As it turns out, many were wondering if the Los Angeles Chargers left too much time on the clock after scoring the go-ahead touchdown to go up, 27-23, on the Chiefs with 1:45 left in the game.

Sure enough, it was too much time. It took the Chiefs offense -led by Mahomes and Travis Kelce, nonetheless- just six plays and 1:15 to go 75-yards and score the game-winning touchdown with :30 left in the game.

So, the question now has become: What exactly does it mean to leave too much time on the clock when talking about the Chiefs offense pulling off a comeback?

Count Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones as one of the many who have no idea.

“I can’t tell you, man,” Jones said when asked if he knows what constitutes too much time. “If you look back at last year, the playoff game with :13 seconds, we got a field goal.

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.”

But, Jones at least has an idea of why the Chiefs offense is so prolific in the clutch moments of a game.

“We go through that throughout the week, the two-minute drill,” said Jones. “So I think that’s normal for him [Mahomes].”

Either way, the NFL better get things figured out fast. Because Mahomes will soon have his second Super Bowl ring, at the cost of the 31 other teams, if it doesn’t.

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