The champions of super bowl 54 somewhat did it, they ran it back in 2020. However, they couldn’t win the super bowl, after going 14-2. and making it to the big game. Unfortunately, the team was invited to play in the super bowl, but no one showed up.

All jokes aside, I don’t know if anyone saw a season like this. Yes, we keep talking about it, but only because this is all so new as of late. For the new bandwagon fans here, in 2012 the Chiefs won only two games, the same as they did in 2008.

While a 4-4 start is not as bad, it is definitely a bad feeling. Kansas City came into the year as favorites to win the super bowl, which is not looking likely.

However, now the Chiefs are making moves because they think they can make it back. So, let’s grade the main trade the Chiefs made at the trade deadline.

Grading the Chiefs trade at the deadline for Ingram

Chiefs receive Melvin Ingram for sixth-round pick: C+

Honestly, this is not a bad trade for either side. More than anything, this is a frustrating trade. So frustrating that some people may be starting to question the front office. And rightfully so with some things that have happened, especially this situation with Ingram before the season even started.

Melvin Ingram decided to take a free agent trip with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he showed up to the facility and everything. Ingram’s favorite going into the offseason was Kansas City, but the Chiefs let him walk. The Steelers offered him more money, and the rest was history.

Now, the Chiefs ended up getting him, but for more money than they would have originally paid, and they lose a pick in the process. However, Melvin Ingram looks like he could still be good, if he is in the right system, but is this the right system?

The one thing that will help this defense is his position play. He is listed as an outside linebacker, but Ingram is more of an edge rusher. Now, the Chiefs can put Chris Jones back on the inside, move Jarran Reed to the bench, and have Clark and Ingram on the outside.

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