The Kansas City Chiefs are still buyers at the deadline despite having a very rough start to the season. Their defense is bad, very bad, and there is no hiding it. So the move to bring in this new player for their defense is not surprising.

However, how they did it is very surprising. These rumors had been circulating for a while now. Ever since Melvin Ingram released that he wanted to be traded after just signing with the Steelers in free agency, the Chiefs name was one of the first to pop up.

Getting a defensive player like Melvin Ingram can help this defense a lot, especially considering how bad the defense is. Not to mention, Ingram is a position, and play style of need for the Chiefs. Let’s take a look at what they gave up to get him.

Chiefs acquire Melvin Ingram from Steelers before the deadline

Kansas City is getting a former three-time pro-bowler added to their defense. It isn’t like they are getting a guy who was a pro bowler a long time ago either. Ingram was named to the prestigious list three years in a row from 2017-2019.

A case can be made that he wasn’t named last year due to an injury, which caused him to only play seven games. However, this is a guy who can really do it all defensively, which is what is needed.

The Chiefs only gave up a sixth-round pick for Ingram, which leaves me to believe other teams may not have been interested. If that’s the case, there could be something with Ingram we may not know about like an injury or something of that nature.

Either way, this trade was a low risk for a high reward for both teams. Honestly, I think you can say there was no real loser in this trade, but who won it? I guess we will have to see.

Featured Image credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports