This week will be filled with a bunch of crazy things you may or may not have ever seen or heard. That’s what the playoffs bring out, the special things in sports. The things that aren’t heard of until the playoffs come. That is exactly what is happening with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the playoffs here, and the Chiefs being in the AFC Championship, there aren’t many other things to focus on in the NFL currently. Yes, teams are looking for head coaches, but a big thing people are interested in right now is stats.

There is one stat that surfaced on social media lately that may shock you. It’s surely something to be proud of if you are a Chiefs fan and Patrick Mahomes.

This Chiefs-Mahomes stat may blow your mind

The stat that is surfacing lately has just might blow your mind. It has nothing to do with physical stats in terms of Mahomes playing football. No, this isn’t a yardage stat, touchdown stat, or anything like that. Instead, it’s a stat that coincides with the franchise history of the Chiefs.

Let’s start with the playoff history of Kansas City, and the success they have had in the playoffs prior to Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs last playoff win before they acquired Patrick Lavon Mahomes was in 2015 against the Houston Texans. Before that, their last playoff win was in 1993 against the Houston Oilers.

To put it nicely, the Kansas City Chiefs have had little to no success in the playoffs prior to Patrick Mahomes. Yes, they won the Super Bowl in 1969 against the Minnesota Vikings. However, they have just eight total playoff wins prior to the Mahomes era, but that is not the crazy thing.

In the 58 seasons the Chiefs had before Patrick Mahomes, they accumulated just eight playoff wins. In the four seasons Mahomes has been the starter for Kansas City, he already has eight total playoff wins.

Patrick Mahomes Playoff Wins

  • 2018 vs. Indianapolis Colts Divisional Round, 31-13
  • 2019 vs. Houston Texans Divisional Round, 51-31
  • 2019 vs. Tennessee Titans AFC Championship, 35-24
  • 2019 vs. San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl, 31-20
  • 2020 vs. Cleveland Browns Divisional Round, 22-17
  • 2020 vs. Buffalo Bills AFC Championship, 38-24
  • 2021 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Wildcard Round, 42-21
  • 2021 vs. Buffalo Bills Divisional Round, 42-36

Chiefs Playoff Wins (Pre-Mahomes era)

  • 1966 vs. Buffalo Bills AFC Championship, 31-7
  • 1969 vs. New York Jets Divisional Round, 13-6
  • 1969 vs. Oakland Raiders AFC Championship, 17-7
  • 1969 vs. Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl, 23-7
  • 1991 vs. Los Angeles Raiders Wildcard Round, 10-6
  • 1993 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Wildcard Round, 27-24
  • 1993 vs. Houston Oilers Divisional Round, 28-20
  • 2015 vs. Houston Texans Wildcard Round, 30-0

We need to respect and take a moment to look at just what Mahomes has done in his four years as a starter. Now, he will be hosting his fourth straight AFC Championship, something that has never been done in the NFL.