Kansas City won a game that did not look pretty. While yes, they did win, it could have gone either way with just a few plays. Nonetheless, the Chiefs are starting 1-0 in the 2021 season, and the Browns have not won an opener since 2004.

The Chiefs did their signature move on Sunday. The ole ‘comeback’, which they have perfected now over the last year or two. In this one, the Browns led the entire game, besides the game-winning touchdown.

The game was definitely a roller coaster, but what fun is football if it isn’t. It is good, however, to go ahead and get the rust knocked off in a game like this, rather than later in the season. Some of the Chiefs players had similar things to say after the game.

Chiefs Important Quotes following week one win

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, the Chiefs best defensive player, was the second player to talk to the media following the game. It may be safe to say he was the only consistent defensive player during the game, as he finished with two sacks, the only of the game. 

The second half of the game is where Jones started to shine, some would say he even took over defensively. When asked about what he felt during that moment, Jones stated:

“I just got settled, In the first half, they ran a lot of play-action away from me. Went into the locker room at the half, made adjustments, got settled down, and was able to play my game.” That is exactly what Jones did. He played his game, and we were all watching him dominate, nothing unusual.

Tyreek Hill

The best player in the game not named Patrick Mahomes had to be Tyreek Hill. The speedster finished with nearly 200 receiving yards and a touchdown. The score came on what many are calling a lucky play, but Tyreek Hill and company don’t see it that way.

“That’s just Patrick Mahomes being Patrick Mahomes. What’s crazy is, I didn’t even see you open, I just saw your little hand sticking up… But I was able to make a play for the team when they needed me the most.”

That play was anything but luck. The two have connected for those types of plays many times before. In fact, according to Matt McMullen on twitter, that was Tyreek Hill’s 15th touchdown of more than 50 yards in his career, which is the most in the NFL since 2016.

Patrick Mahomes

The leagues best player had another stellar game, but we should not be surprised. He has been having games like this since his first game ever, and even then it was clear he was special. 500 million dollars later, and a Superbowl ring, Mahomes is still taking care of business.

Enough about Mahomes though, because he must hate being talked about. It seems like every time he does something good, he is giving everyone else credit. This time, he gave his credit to the fans.

“It felt like a playoff game with the crowd,” when referring to how much the fans helped them in their comeback win. The fans not only help the Chiefs, but they hurt the opponents as well.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports