The Browns are no stranger to Kansas City. They visited the city just a few months ago and left earlier than I’m sure they wanted. As a matter of fact, that was the Browns last game of the 2020 season, thanks to the Chiefs.

That game was different though. It was not a dominant win by any means, and Patrick Mahomes did not really take over. Actually, Mahomes did not even play the second half really.

After leaving with what was thought to be a concussion at the time, Chad Henne stepped in and led the Chiefs to victory. Then, the phrase “Henne-thing is possible” was coined after Mahomes tweeted it out.

While this game does not have near as much riding on it, it is still very important. This is the first look everyone gets at these two teams. This is the beginning of what both teams hope is a special season.

Chiefs need to contain Browns running backs

The Browns may have the best pair of running backs in the NFL, and the Chiefs are no stranger to them. Kareem Hunt, the Brown’s second running back, was once with the Chiefs and was actually a draft pick by Kansas City. After having to deal with the two last year in the playoffs, Kansas City should be prepared.

However, there are a few things the Chiefs need to make sure they do. Both of these backs are great runners and can run between or outside the tackles. Not only that, but they are both fantastic pass catchers for their position.

While Nick Chubb is primarily used for the running game, and Hunt is primarily used for the passing game. However, last time they played Kansas City the two players split the offensive snaps at 50% each.

The Chiefs did a great job in their last matchup at containing the backs. Chubb finished with under 70 rushing yards on 13 attempts and was nonexistent in the passing game. Kareem Hunt finished with a touchdown on the ground, but really did not do much but sleep in the endzone.

If the Chiefs can stop the running backs again as they did in January, you can likely see the same end result as in January.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports