When the Chicago Bears hired Ryan Poles to be the general manager, the decision was met with praise and support. The 36-year-old brings over a wealth of knowledge and leadership after spending the last 13 years of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs.

We are still in the infant stages of his career, obviously, therefore we don’t exactly know what his plans are for the Bears roster in 2022. However, we do know what his plans are for the franchise in a general sense.

“We’re going to build through the draft,” Poles said during his introductory press conference. “We’re going to acquire young, fast and physical football players.

“In terms of building through the draft, I think what’s key is one, knowing what scheme you’re running and finding players that fit. That’s first and foremost. I think a lot of players get missed, if I bring someone in, going against what we’re running, well then it’s not tied together and that’s hard to fit. The types of players, in terms of their background, what they’re about, how passionate they are about football is important too. That’s the other place where misses can happen is in terms of do they love football? Because this is hard. This is really hard. Being a player is very hard. You got to love it to get up in the morning and be the best that you can be.”

Aside from the Buccaneers’ and Rams’ recent success, building through the draft is the most sustainable way to assemble a competitive team that not only wins games, but wins games for a period of time. Not just over a few years.

Hell, the main reason the Buccaneers lured in Tom Brady was because of the roster they assembled mostly through the draft.

There’s just one problem with building through the draft in 2022: The Bears hardly have any draft picks to build with.

This isn’t Poles fault, by any means. Previous Bears GM Ryan Pace is the one who triggered the trade for Justin Fields last year. In case you forgot, Chicago traded its 20th overall pick and a fifth-round pick in 2021 plus this year’s first- and fourth-round picks to the New York Giants in order to move up to No. 10 and select Fields.

So, as it stands right now, this is what Chicago currently has in terms of picks for 2022:

  • Round 2, No. 39 overall (seventh pick of the round)
  • Round 3, No. 71 overall (seventh pick of the round)
  • Round 5, No. 147 overall (fifth pick of the round)
  • Round 5, No. 149 overall (seventh pick of the round)
  • Round 6, No. 184 overall (seventh pick of the round)

It’s going to be tough for Poles to build through the draft in his first year with the team. He can obviously trade players that are currently on the roster for more picks, but you have to sign more players to replace those guys, so it’s a somewhat-counterproductive strategy, at the end of the day. And you don’t wanna trade next year’s picks because that’ll put you back in the same situation, to an extent.

Poles is going to have to get creative if he wants to build through the draft in 2022. Fortunately for him and the Bears, they’re one of the few teams that actually has some money to spend, so at least Poles has an alternative in case he’s stuck with these five picks in April.

Featured image via-David Banks-USA TODAY Sports