ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky made a statement about Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields that I’m pretty confident no one saw coming (not even Bears fans).

Orlovsky, who spent 12 years in the NFL, thinks it’s “not outrageous” that Fields could be in the MVP conversation.

“I honestly believe that Justin’s play is going to warrant him getting into that conversation,” said Orlovsky on Monday.

Fields almost certainly won’t actually be in the NFL MVP conversation unless the Bears make a run and reach the playoffs.

But the fact that Orlovsky is making this statement about Fields shows us how far the Chicago quarterback has come since the start of the season.

The Bears have something special in Fields. Now they just need to build around him.

And if they do that, then the MVP talk around Fields in the coming season will be more frequent.

Chicago isn’t far away from being a major factor in the NFL. And Fields is the main reason why that’s the case.

Featured image via Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

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