Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky has never been consistent with his opinions on Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. 

Ahead of the Bears selecting Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft, Orlovsky broke down Fields’ tape on an ESPN broadcast, and defended Fields from criticism that he struggled going through his progressions. 

When Fields’ draft stock began to dip, his tune quickly changed and Orlovsky took shots at fields for his work ethic and mentality as an NFL quarterback.

“He’s a last-guy-in, first-guy-out type of quarterback” Orlovsky told the Pat McAfee Show. He also questioned “where is his desire to be a great quarterback.”

Orlovsky’s take could not have been more off base when it comes to Justin Fields. Throughout his rookie season, Fields was continually loved within the Bears locker room for his leadership and work ethic. He was even praised by former Bears coach Matt Nagy. 

The Bears are just getting started on working out under the new coaching regime, but Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy already feels strongly about the type of player Fields is. 

“I’ve been super impressed with him. I really have. There’s no one in this building that works harder than him. There’s no one that cares more than him. We’re off to a great start. He’s really accepted this challenge.”

– Luke Getsy on justin fields

That hasn’t stopped Dan Orlovsky from disrespecting Fields, or the Bears, though. Orlovsky doubled down following the 2022 NFL Draft: 

The only compliment Orlovsky has paid to Fields recently was him saying he could be in the MVP conversation if he plays well, but even that, was backhanded at best.  

On a Monday morning ESPN appearance, Orlovsky neglected to mention Darnell Mooney (who he previously called a “WR3”) as one of Fields’ offensive weapons and believed the only reason Fields would be in the MVP conversation would be because the offense around him was so weak. 

The Bears may not be Super Bowl contenders as they stand today, but Fields and the young roster around him have continued to show a lot of promise. The future of the Bears is bright with him under center, and Bears fans can feel confident in knowing they finally have a franchise QB. 

2022 will be a fun year for Justin Fields to prove Dan Orlovsky wrong and make do another 180. 

Image via Jon Durr – USA TODAY Sports