It hasn’t been in the nature of the Dallas Cowboys to trade or sign for big names. It’s understandable why.

How many times can you trade for a Roy Williams or sign a Brandon Carr before you get turned off from those avenues?

Even still, the Cowboys have as much potential as any team in the NFL at the top. They have a 6-2 record, an elite offense and one of the games best quarterbacks.

Despite all this, they should be doing more. More to make sure their team lives up to Jerry Jones’s words:

In the NFL, the most successful teams hit on all 3 areas of adding talent: the draft, free agency and trades.

In regards to the draft, the argument can be made that no other team has had the same hit rate as the Dallas Cowboys for the last decade. Getting successful players in the first round is tough enough, but Dallas has found it beyond day 1. Just ask the quarterback.

However, free agency and trades are the areas Dallas is steering clear of.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Instead, the front office is content on sitting back and watching teams like the LA Rams or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers add talent to make a Super Bowl run. Whether or not these moves are long lasting is irrelevant. The best teams are making moves to win now.

The Cowboys show no issues spending money to pay their own players. A smart move that any healthy franchise does. They also seem to only seek out 1-year type players who can fill the role that season, and avoid potentially franchise changing free agents.

They’re also content on staying away from the trade market. Once again another trade deadline has come and gone.

Consider that the last time the Cowboys made a splash trade, Amari Cooper came to town and has helped elevate the offense to new heights.

If the aforementioned Brandon Carr move has spurned them away from spending in free agency, it must be a burn they can still feel.

This is the franchise who traded away Herschel Walker to create the dynasty of the 90’s. They also made what was arguably the greatest free agent addition in NFL history by signing Deion Sanders. These are the type of bold, scene-stealing moves that made the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Cowboys.

It might be reasonable to keep free agency on a budget for long-term success, but this team is ready to win now. Their window is open.

The Cowboys can’t get in their own way. Another trade deadline has come and gone, but that can’t stop them from adding talent on any avenue. Otherwise, history will continue to repeat itself, and the Cowboys will only have themselves to blame.