The saga surrounding Dallas Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph continues to update. Now, two adult males are in police custody in connection with the murder in question that occurred last month.

Joseph was named a person of interest in the case surrounding the murder of 20-year-old Cameron Ray earlier in the week. The event occurred just outside of the OT Tavern Bar and Grill in the 3600 block of Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas on March 18th.

Joseph’s attorney had already claimed that Joseph was in the car but not the driver nor the shooter, and was wanted for questioning in his connection. Today the story is progressing even further with the first arrests.

The Dallas Police Department released a statement, reporting that two males suspects in connection with the shooting, are now in police custody.

WFAA reported that sources believed Joseph was in the suspects’ vehicle at the time of the shooting. At the moment, police have not officially specified Joseph’s possible involvement in the shooting.

Which complicates things even further. Even if Joseph is found to be neither the driver or the shooter, he is still believed to be in the getaway vehicle.

As the Dallas Morning News states, Joseph and everyone else who was in the SUV could also face charges under Texas’ law of parties. This means he could potentially be brought on charges of accessory to murder or even withholding evidence.

Casting a shadow on Joseph’s future as a member of the Dallas Cowboys, as well as a free man in society. The lead suspects are in custody, but Joseph is far from out of the woods on this.

Stay connected for more information as we get it. We will provide updates on the story at they continue to come in.

Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports