Will Odell Beckham Jr sign with the Dallas Cowboys or not?

That’s been the million-dollar question lately in the NFL. Beckham visited the Bills and his former team the Giants before coming to Dallas earlier this week. However, after two days of meetings with Beckham, and current players recruiting him, the Cowboys didn’t make him an offer amid concerns about his availability.

It’s been a rollercoaster, to say the least. When Cowboys’ defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence was asked on Wednesday if he wants Beckham in Dallas, his response was an intriguing one.

“It’s fair to say I’m trying to reach a Super Bowl. So if he can come and help us with that, then yes, I’ll accept him. But if we’re just gonna do the circus, no I don’t,” Lawrence said, via Jori Epstein.

“I’m focused on this year, this team, what we have in this locker room and the journey we’re on.”

Simple, straightforward, and direct answer there from Lawrence.

It’s completely understandable as well. Beckham would be a nice asset to have, but the Cowboys are 9-3 and have established themselves as one of the best teams in the NFL, so Beckham isn’t needed by any means.

Lawrence isn’t the only Cowboys player who has been supportive of Beckham coming to the Cowboys that has changed his tone a little. When wide receiver CeeDee Lamb was on SportsCenter earlier this week, he had this to say when anchor Sage Steele mentioned that she had to ask about Beckham.

“Nah, we don’t have to, but we can,” Lamb said.

Lamb’s words seem to come from the same standpoint as Lawrence’s. They wouldn’t mind at all if Beckham comes to the Cowboys, but the media hoopla and constant questions about him, especially since he hasn’t signed, have become an annoyance.

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