Kellen Moore and the Dallas Cowboys offense is under pressure ahead of the 2022 NFL season. The unit, with Dak Prescott at quarterback, has been among the best in the league in several statistics.

Unfortunately, Moore and the offense have struggled to sustain the success and production for a full schedule. Injuries and other factors have played key roles in that, but every team has those obstacles.

One way to become more explosive — and therefore better — offensively is getting running back Tony Pollard involved at a higher rate. Fortunately, that appears to be the plan moving forward.

“I definitely feel like any opportunity I’m given, I’m going to do my best to make the most of it,” Pollard said during OTAs. “The more I get, the more I can benefit the team.”

Outsiders are also calling for Tony Pollard to become more involved offensively. This time, a former NFL defender gave his thoughts on how the Cowboys should use Pollard in the 2022 season.

Former NFL player speaks on Pollard, Cowboys

Darius Butler played defensive back for nine seasons in the NFL: Six with the Colts, two with the Patriots, and one with the Panthers. Now, he is an NFL analyst on NFL Network.

Butler was on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Monday. There, he spoke on Tony Pollard and the Dallas Cowboys:

“Tony Pollard … I think he just needs more touches,” Darius Butler said on the most recent episode of Good Morning Football. “He had around 11 touches per game last year. I think they need to bump that up to at least 14 [or] 15. The guy averages 5.5 yards per carry and he’s explosive.

Butler cited Pollard’s playmaking ability as to why he worries defenses. The former Memphis star certainly brings a ton of versatility to the table.

“As a defense, that’s the guy you’re worried about coming into the game. You can hand the ball off to him on speed sweeps, you can get him in the screen game, [and] you can line him up at receiver. He is just a spark out there on offense for the Cowboys. I would love to see him get more touches throughout this year.”

It is evident that the Dallas Cowboys need to use Tony Pollard more. Now, former NFL defenders are joining in on that campaign.

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