When the Dallas Cowboys parted ways with wide receiver Amari Cooper, it meant that CeeDee Lamb was up next to tale over the unit. It also meant the Cowboys had to restock, so to speak, and grab more receiver help, and they did so by taking Jalen Tolbert in the third round.

With Michael Gallup out to start the season, Tolbert will be trusted into the WR2 role quickly and will be counted on to progress at a fast pace. That’s easier said than done, but one national outlet thinks it can happen.

In a piece detailing predictions for every NFC East team, Pro Football Focus has Tolbert reaching over 900 yards as a rookie, which would rival the inaugural campaign of Lamb.

Sam Monson on Tolbert:

One thing that might help Prescott out is that Tolbert has the talent to step in and contribute in a meaningful way. The third-round rookie out of South Alabama had a phenomenal college career, racking up almost 1,500 yards last season. He recorded 35 explosive plays in his final season and showed well at the Senior Bowl when the level of competition was elevated. He has a complete skill set that should allow him to win in multiple ways early on as the Cowboys need a secondary option in the passing game. Dallas has the offense that gives him the bandwidth to chase 1,000 yards over the season even with a healthy CeeDee Lamb and Gallup ahead of him.

Hold hold, something doesn’t add up here.

Monson also detailed, in this same piece, that Dak Prescott was headed towards his lowest PFF grade since 2018, and that his weapons have dwindled. Well, wouldn’t that include Tolbert?

Not the best look for Monson there. However, if his prediction is right, the Cowboys’ offense will be scary to defend, and here’s why.

Lamb has the responsibility of being the Cowboys’ No. 1 option in the passing game now so he will see a lot more double teams and coverage shift his way. Therefore, if Tolbert is making plays, defenses will have to account for him, which will give Lamb more one-on-one opportunities. That will be even more significant once Gallup returns because he and Lamb will see more single coverage due to Tolbert being productive, and will make guarding the trio a pick-your-poison type of situation.

That’s the last thing any defense that faces the Cowboys in 2022 will want to see happen. If so, that would mean that the threat of the passing game would keep defenses honest and make the running game with Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard even more of a nightmare to defend. When that occurs, Prescott can use play-action, which he does well, to keep eating up yardage through the air as well.

Of course, this is all hypothetical at the moment. However, if it comes to fruition, the Cowboys’ offense isn’t guaranteed to be the league’s top unit like it’s been two of the last three seasons, but it will be ultra productive.

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