The Dallas Cowboys and Odell Beckham Jr. have dominated NFL headlines over the last month. America’s Team and the Pro Bowl wide receiver would seem to be a great match for each other.

Beckham just concluded his visit with the Cowboys. It included meeting with Jerry Jones and sitting court side at a Dallas Mavericks game, among other things. What seemed to be a done deal now looks to be on hold, though.

The Cowboys are reportedly concerned that OBJ may not be able to play this season. At the earliest, Beckham might return in the postseason. Coming off two torn ACLs, that has been a cause of concern for the Dallas front office.

Knee injuries are always tricky. Especially when it comes to receivers. It is clear that the Cowboys are not fully comfortable with where Odell Beckham Jr. stands in his recovery process as the playoffs inch closer and closer.

Therefore, this could be reaching a point where both parties move on elsewhere. It is logical for the Dallas Cowboys to not want to commit multiple years to an injured receiver that may not even be able to contribute until next fall.

Key info revealed for Cowboys

Micah Parsons was among the vocal members of the Dallas Cowboys locker room to voice their support in signing OBJ. Parsons is having a dominant season and is on his way to winning Defensive Player of the Year honors.

On Wednesday, the superstar defender revealed some important information on Beckham Jr. and his timeline. The two spent a lot of time together when Beckham was in town visiting with the Cowboys. Parsons informed the media that OBJ expects to be back in action in five weeks.

Five weeks from right now would be in time for the NFC Playoffs. However, teams around the league were hoping that OBJ would be able to play a few regular season games before being thrusted into postseason action.

Nonetheless, Parsons got the feeling that Beckham prefers to play for the Dallas Cowboys. The Pro Bowl pass catcher has family in Texas, and Parsons noted that it would be a bit of a “homecoming” for the former NFC East phenom.

“I definitely think this might be a homecoming for him,” said Parsons.

It remains to be seen what the Dallas Cowboys will do in terms of signing OBJ or moving on. The ball is in the Cowboys’ court as they continue to weigh the pros and cons of adding the injured pass catcher to the roster ahead of playoff action.

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