Mike McCarthy has a lot on his plate. The Dallas Cowboys sit at 1-1 through two games ahead of a key divisional matchup with the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

McCarthy has been forced to game plan and keep the locker room together without franchise quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott went down in week one and is set to miss, at least, the next couple of weeks.

Prescott is the unquestioned leader and quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Yet, owner Jerry Jones went out of his way to bring controversy to a situation that did not need it. Now, McCarthy is forced to deal with that, too.

Jones welcomes controversy for Cowboys

Jerry Jones made a ridiculous comment when talking to the media this week. The owner explained that he would “welcome” a quarterback controversy on the Cowboys. As expected, that comment took social media by storm.

Jones obviously meant that it would be a good thing if Cooper Rush played well enough to make it a controversy. With Prescott sidelined, Rush is in charge of the offense and has the opportunity to help lead the Cowboys to wins over the next few weeks.

Still, Jones has to know his audience and watch what he says. There was no need for him to say that he wanted a controversy. It just adds more drama to a franchise that needs anything but that.

McCarthy quickly shuts down Jones

Now in the position to answer for his boss, Mike McCarthy responded to the comment on Friday. The Dallas Cowboys head coach wasted little time to shut down any chance of a controversy happening at quarterback.

“There’s no quarterback controversy,” McCarthy said. “Dak is our quarterback.”

There should be no debate over this. Prescott is a well-established, Pro Bowl-level quarterback. Rush, meanwhile, is a career backup signal caller that has started two games during his six years in the NFL.

McCarthy added that he wants Rush to be as successful as he can be. But, there is no controversy of who the quarterback is.

“Clearly, everybody in our locker room and everybody in the building, Jerry included, Dak is our quarterback. We want Cooper to be successful as possible. So, I think it stops right there,” said McCarthy.

Even Ezekiel Elliott had to laugh at the notion that Prescott isn’t the man behind center.

“He want y’all to be clicking and listening, too. It’s all marketing. It’s all marketing” Elliott said in response to Jones’ comment.

It was a ridiculous thing for Jerry Jones to say. There shouldn’t be a conversation about this. yet, he put Mike McCarthy and the players in a position to have to respond to what he said.

The quicker that Monday night gets here, the better. The Dallas Cowboys need to play some football.

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