DALLAS – Micah Parsons didn’t do a lot of rushing the passer during his days at Penn State. It wasn’t because he couldn’t, he simply wasn’t given the responsibility. Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Dan Quinn quickly recognized what he has in Parsons, and unleashed his talent to get after the quarterback.

Although Parsons was a part-time edge rusher due to his linebacker duties, he managed to rack up an incredible 13 sacks as a rookie, but he wants more. He recently interviewed with CBS Sports while he was finishing a commercial for Madden NFL 23. When asked what number he has as his bar for sacks in 2022, Parsons revealed that he’s planning on doing something special.

“Yeah, 15’s like the minimum,” Parsons said. “15’s what I wanna hit. But definitely 23 is that goal, to break the record.”

That’s quite a lofty goal for last season’s Defensive Rookie of the Year. 15 sacks isn’t a small number, and 23, which would be a record, is insane when it comes to sacks. However, Parsons is doing all the work to put himself in the best position to make it come to fruition.

In addition to perfecting his craft at linebacker, Parsons has spent time on the field and in the meeting room with the defensive ends as well during OTAs and minicamp. Also, he’s getting his pass-rush skills guided by Cowboys’ legend and future Hall of Famer, DeMarcus Ware.

This isn’t anything new. Parsons spent time with Ware last summer while the Cowboys were filming Hard Knocks on HBO. Ware showed him a few pointers and tricks of the trade when getting after the quarterback.

During the Cowboys OTAs earlier this month, Parsons talked about playing the game his way but also including some of the knowledge he’s gotten from Ware.

“I’ve watched a little bit of him,” Parsons said. “I watched a little bit of everybody this offseason, just learning how different people play and how different people react to things. But I’m going to play my own style, though. I think everyone is different, but how he saw the game and his reads, I can adapt that and absorb that knowledge from him.”

There’s not a better mentor, especially in the Cowboys’ organization than Ware in terms of learning the art of sacking the quarterback. With his guidance, Parsons will surely rack up big sack numbers in 2022, whether or not he’ll establish a new record remains to be seen.

Feature image via Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports