As Dak Prescott was carted off the field on October 11th last year, a bleak reality settled upon the Dallas Cowboys. Although the specifics would come in later, everyone saw the ankle fracture. Everyone saw Dak slam his foot into the field trying to fix it. But more than anything, everyone saw Dak’s reaction as plenty of teammates approached him in the cart to console him. His season was over.

At the time, though, long-term concerns remained unclear. Would it be an Alex Smith-Esque injury? Or would Dak be 100% ready to go in 2021? As the Cowboys and Prescott continued working on a long-term deal, fans and analysts questioned Dak’s health. One radio personality from 105.3 The Fan even said that Prescott’s health could cause the Cowboys to let him go after handing him the franchise tag.

Months after reaching a four-year deal for $160M, Prescott’s ankle looks just fine. And quite frankly, there are no reasons to believe he won’t be completely healthy for the 2021 season.

In fact, reports about the Cowboys’ second OTAs practice were pretty promising. Dallas Morning News’ reporter Michael Gehlken wrote “It would be difficult to know Dak Prescott is coming off an open ankle fracture.”

A few weeks ago, Head Coach Mike McCarthy said in a press conference that he had “no reason to believe” Dak wouldn’t be 100% ready for training camp in late July. Based on what we’re seeing from Prescott in OTAs, we shouldn’t believe otherwise.

The Dallas Cowboys’ Quarterback is already doing a lot of work on his injured leg, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer.

“When I started jumping on this leg, landing on this leg alone, cutting off this leg and doing a lot of things I’d naturally do in a game and doing them in a reactive form, not necessarily calculated.” – Dak Prescott

With the 2021 NFL season months away, we still haven’t heard one single negative report about Prescott’s injury. The one negative report was perhaps the second originally unplanned surgery that Dak underwent earlier in the offseason. However, it’s been described as a clean-up procedure and dismissed as a legit concern.

The $160M deal the Cowboys signed him to should tell us enough about how they feel going forward with Dak Prescott. Even the NFL scheduling the Cowboys-Bucs game as the official Kickoff game should tell us something. 

Until Dak Prescott takes the field on the first game of the 2021 NFL season, speculation will abound. But on Week 1, all questions will be answered.

Featured Image Via Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports