Well, it finally happened. It’s been speculated for weeks that the Dallas Cowboys have been trying to move on from wide receiver Amari Cooper, with almost no reported momentum.

Until now.

It’s now official. The Dallas Cowboys have decided to trade Cooper to the Cleveland Browns for a fifth round pick, as well as the team’s swapping sixth rounders in 2022.

A relatively low price considering what they’ve been reportedly been asking for.

This move, is indicative of just how much the team was willing to move on from Cooper, as well as get his contract off the books. Now, the Cowboys get their draft compensation and free up $16 million in cap space.

We recently revealed the most logical landing spots for Cooper in a trade, and Cleveland was one of our top picks:

Regardless of your feelings for Baker Mayfield, the Browns are sticking with their former No. 1 overall pick. He’s the best quarterback they’ve had since Bernie Kosar and don’t want to go another 30 years without one.

Moving on from Odell Beckham Jr. was the right move for all involved. Some receivers don’t mesh with some quarterbacks. Cooper has caught passes from a multitude of quarterbacks over his career. Including Cowboys quarterbacks named Dak, Cooper Rush, Andy Dalton and Raiders QB Derek Carr. This indicates how QB-friendly he is as one of the league’s premier route runners.

There’s speculation the Browns could let Jarvis Landry go. That would create nearly $15 million in cap room for 2022. If this were to fall through, the Browns would be left with receivers like Donovan People-Jones and Anthony Schwartz. Solid receivers, but neither are true No. 1 options.

The Browns could look to the draft to improve their receiver room and adding Cooper would elevate a stacked Cleveland roster back to its 2020 form.

Despite the relatively low draft compensation, the Dallas Cowboys got what they want. A move off of Cooper’s 2022 $20 million fully guaranteed contract, and one less reportedly disgruntled and unvaccinated player on the team.

This won’t be a popular move among Cowboys fans, but the front office is making their priorities clear. Now, both organizations get what they want. The Browns get a new, route running technician who can make Mayfield look like his 2020-self, and the Cowboys get to free up money for some of their higher priced free agents.

Featured image via Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports