A big factor going into the 2022 season is offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and the way he’ll run this Dallas Cowboys offense. Despite having the No. 1 overall ranked offense at the end of the 2021 season, it became a concern.

What started off as an innovative offense that could spread the field had become stale. Simple run schemes, play-action passes with many underneath routes and not fully utilizing some of their best players.

To Moore’s defense, it hasn’t all been on him. The offensive line is in the middle of a re-build. Only fully relying on right guard Zack Martin for consistency. On top of that, three of the offenses five best WR’s are now playing elsewhere, with Michael Gallup still in recovery.

The Cowboys adding Tyler Smith, Jalen Tolbert and Jake Ferguson are helpful moves. None that are likely to replicate the immediate success from last year, but to build on. Adding further pressure on the offense to succeed.

Despite being a few men down, it looks like Moore’s already reaching into his bag. Pulling out tricks and plays that can use some of his more dynamic players in dynamic ways.

It’s already been well established that CeeDee Lamb and Tony Pollard are the offenses most versatile, dynamic play-makers. The Dallas Cowboys, for all their shortcomings this off-season, have firepower.

Though not the end all-be all, it’s obvious that they need to continue this trend. Open the play book, create more pre-snap motions ane utilize their best players as Amari Cooper insists.

The stale, predictable offense is what ultimately led to Jason Garrett no longer being head coach. Does Moore want to go from hotshot potential head coaching candidate to another ‘what if’?

If these reports out of camp are any indication, Moore knows he has no choice. Despite being down men, it won’t matter come the start of the season. We’ve seen him at his worst and at his best.

Now’s the time to see how the offense responds.

Mandatory Credit: Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports