Seemingly everybody is talking about the potential of Odell Beckham, Jr. signing with the Dallas Cowboys. The Pro Bowl wideout has not been shy about his interest in the Cowboys, and the Cowboys have not hidden their interest in OBJ.

Beckham is slated to take some upcoming visits before signing with the team of his choice. He is set to see the New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, and Dallas Cowboys in the coming days. The expectation is that he will be ready to make a contribution in the playoffs.

Cowboys legend Troy Aikman believes it is already a done deal. In fact, Aikman thinks that it is only a matter of time before OBJ inks with America’s Team.

Aikman would “bet virtually everything” that he has on Beckham signing with the Cowboys. That’s a strong statement. Especially since Buffalo provides an interesting threat to Dallas.

OBJ to Cowboys gaining more steam

Dak Prescott has spoken on Odell Beckham. Micah Parsons has recruited him on social media. Jerry Jones has been asked about the subject for the better part of the last month.

The talk is not dying down anytime soon. Not until Beckham makes his decision. And that could come next week, but OBJ has not publicly announced any kind of deadline.

Mike McCarthy is aware of the significance that adding Beckham Jr. to the roster would be. He plans to meet with the pass catcher on the upcoming visit.

The Cowboys’ head coach is hopeful that the two sides can come to an agreement. He trusts the medical staff to help the franchise ultimately make the right decision.

“Our medical staff has a process. We’ll go through the process. You gotta get all the information,” McCarthy said. “Hopefully an agreement can be worked out. I think it’ll be great to get him in the building.”

Additionally, Jerry Jones is “excited” about getting the Pro Bowl talent in the building.

“I’m excited. He will be coming in Monday,” Jones said. “In the mean time, we’re doing a lot of evaluation, a lot of things regarding physical conditioning and things like that, information. All of that is working.”

A final decision should be right around the corner for OBJ. Troy Aikman already think it’s a done deal for the Cowboys. We’ll find out soon enough.

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