Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is set to interview with the Miami Dolphins on Saturday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Moore helped lead the Cowboys to the No. 1 scoring offense in the NFL in 2021 (31.2 points per game) which has made him a popular head coaching candidate.

If Moore leaves for the Dolphins, the Cowboys feel like they have a safety net in place.

Dallas executive vice president Stephen Jones said this week that if Moore leaves, the Cowboys’ plan would be to turn to head coach Mike McCarthy, who called plays for the Green Bay Packers during most of his tenure there.

“The great news is, Mike is an offensive football coach,” said Jones this week (via the Cowboys’ official website). “He’s called plays for Super Bowl teams and Championship teams. It gives you a little more safety net vs. where we were on the defensive side of the ball.”

I’m not sure this is the strategy the Cowboys should be moving forward with if Moore leaves for Miami.

McCarthy may have extensive experience calling plays, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best option to call plays for this offense.

The former Packers head coach was repeatedly blasted for his play-calling efforts toward the end of his tenure in Green Bay.

Specifically his conservative play calling.

If Moore leaves, Dallas needs to find an innovative play-caller to take his place (go get Joe Brady, who was just hired as the Buffalo Bills’ quarterbacks coach). Letting McCarthy handle those duties and expecting different results than what we’ve seen from him over the last five to six years doesn’t seem like a wise idea.

This feels like an extremely lazy approach by the Cowboys.

Featured image via Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports