The Dallas Cowboys dropped week 17’s game against Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals after a four-game winning streak. Similar problems that have plagued the Cowboys as of late came back to bite Dallas in the loss.

For as much talent as there is on the offense, Kellen Moore’s side of the ball cannot get things right on a week-to-week basis.

Dak Prescott played well, throwing three touchdowns and accounting for a passer rating over 100, but there were plays left on the field. The running game, meanwhile, continues to be a negative.

All of that said, there is one glaring issue that continues to hold the Dallas Cowboys back: penalties. The Cowboys lead the NFL in penalties called and in penalty yardage. That is far from an ideal combination.


This isn’t a post to complain about officiating or blame losses on missed calls. Still, it is alarming that the Cowboys lead the entire league in penalties, with several calls coming in key moments.

Multiple drives were stalled in the first half of Sunday’s loss because of penalties. Whenever the Cowboys offense is working, it seems like a holding call wipes out the progress and kills the drive. It happened way too often in week 17.

Then, of course, the officiating crew missed a Chase Edmonds fumble that would have given the ball back to the Cowboys for a game-winning drive.

On that same play, the crew also missed a delay of game penalty on Arizona. It was brutal sequence for Dallas, to say the least.

The Cowboys can only control what they can control. Cleaning up the penalties and self-inflicted mistakes would go a long way in Dallas finding its footing and beating playoff competition.

Dallas has one more week to turn things around and fix these internal problems before the postseason arrives.

Featured image via Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports