Plenty of great news to go around for the Dallas Cowboys. Sitting at 7-3 following their dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings 40-3, the New York Giants lost at the hands of the Detroit Lions 31-18.

Why is this important? Yes, it moves the Cowboys into second place in the division due to the tiebreaker, but also as it relates to Odell Beckham Jr. Who is reportedly going to meet with BOTH of these teams following their Thanksgiving showdown.

Not only are the Cowboys doing heavy recruiting of Beckham’s services, but even former players are voicing their opinions. Almost unanimously saying the Cowboys are the better fit.

Even vocal Cowboys hater, Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe agrees. The best course of action is relation to both success and need is in Dallas, Texas.

Sharpe, however, isn’t the only former player who agrees.

In the short time span of the report that OBJ has narrowed his choices down to NY or Dallas, plus their game results on Sunday has caused a vocal outcry for OBJ to go to the Lone Star State.

There will be A LOT to play for on Thanksgiving. For both teams yes, but especially the Dallas Cowboys. A need at wide receiver that could potentially be filled by the three-time Pro Bowler and former rival.

Jerry Jones and company have been in contact with Beckham for some time now. If the really seal the deal with a second win over New York, then the active and former players are voicing more than an opinion.

A prediction.

Mandatory Credit: Danielle Parhizkaran of part of the USA TODAY NETWORK