There’s no doubt that that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones loves him some Sean Payton.

Jones spoke to 105.3 the Fan about the Cowboys’ coaching situation and of course he was asked about Payton, who just resigned as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints.

The Dallas owner said he hasn’t spoken to Payton recently — in light of Payton resigning from New Orleans and the uncertainty surrounding Mike McCarthy’s job as the Cowboys’ head coach (Jones on Friday said McCarthy’s job was never in jeopardy).

But that didn’t job Jones from speaking glowingly of Payton.

“Sean is easy and really pleasant to be around,” said Jones to 105.3. “He does things that really help ball teams, and help motivate players. He’s got that right….he’s got it.”

“That kind of natural instinctive leadership or spontaneous-type approach to life, his approach to his team, to his associates is a real asset to him,” added Jones. “He makes the drudgery of the game, which is physical, and you need some lightness in there from time to time. And to handle the rigors of a football team, a season, or sometimes even a game, he knows how to punch those buttons.”

I think it’s pretty obvious that Jones badly wants Payton to be the head coach of the Cowboys.

For now, though, it’s still McCarthy’s team. But if the Cowboys don’t win the Super Bowl next season, I think we’ll see Jones pull out all the stops to get Payton in Dallas.

Featured image via Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports