Fresh off the most tumultuous and aggravating in recent memory for the Dallas Cowboys, the knowledge that the 2022 season is getting closer and closer. With a trio of preseason games to tide us over until then.

However, the feelings from the off-season continue to fester as more and more questionable decisions are made.

To start the week, Rams HC Sean McVay proved why the Cowboys aren’t as ‘all in’ to win as Stephen and Jerry Jones would have you believe.

In fact, other analysts are more and more expressing the obvious. The Cowboys philosophies on team-building and the off-season isn’t helping. In fact, it looks like it will end up hurting HC Mike McCarthy and QB Dak Prescott as the people to take the blame.

If that’s not enough, the Dallas Cowboys continue to make splash moves away from the game. Having announced a special appearance by popular ESPN debate show First Take.

Lead by host Molly Qerim, with ‘analyst’ and noted Cowboys hater, Stephen A Smith.

This isn’t the first time THIS YEAR that the Cowboys and Stephen A have collaborated. Despite the apparent distaste for the franchise and its fans, Smith was a part of the 3+ minute 2022 schedule release video. Launched back in May.

It isn’t an isolated incident that the Dallas Cowboys not only accepted criticisms for their tactics, they’re enjoying them.

Owner Jerry Jones is clear that while he may want to win, he wants just as much to be noticed.

“When you spend 30-something years saying ‘Look at us. Hey, wait, wait, you’re looking away…We’re the Cowboys. Look at us.’ When it’s been that way, then when you have some things you might not want to look at, you get looked at. That’s good”

In all fairness, the Jones’ and the Cowboys may really want to win, but not at the detriment of losing the attention of the football world.

David Helman is just the most recent media analyst to point out how the front office is setting the team up for failure. What’s worse is that the more it’s talked about, the more it seems like a win for the Jones family.

Whether it’s lying about putting Jimmy Johnson in the Ring of Honor and subsequently excusing themselves from it. Inviting the world’s most vocal hater of the team and its fandom into their living room. One thing’s for certain.

As much as they want to win, they’re unwilling to get out of their own way to do so. Instead, preferring to make things worse.

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports