Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is beginning his return to the playing field. Following a successful surgery on his throwing hand, he had the stitches removed.

Now it’s only a matter of time until he’s back.

Head coach Mike McCarthy spoke recently on Dak’s rehab. Reiterating he is dealing more with swelling than anything else. Will need to be able to fully grip the ball consistently until he can be evaluated to be brought back.

“He still has some swelling that he has to deal with. Once he gets past the swelling and the strengthening stage, then he’ll get to the point where he’ll be able to throw… He’ll be dealing with more rehab this week and hopefully we’ll get the swelling and the strength where it needs to be. But I do not have a timeline on when he’ll start throwing.”

The only person who knows how swollen his hand is, and how much his grip is affected is Dak himself. Who, despite an early timetable to return being anywhere from 4-8 weeks, isn’t discounting Sunday’s matchup against the Washington Commanders.

“A couple of weeks, and I’m counting this week as one of them.”

What is helping his case? He is returning to practice and beginning to throw the ball.

Clearly the Dallas Cowboys want to be careful with his return. They want to make sure he can consistently grip the ball without issue.

In the meantime, QB Cooper Rush is still the presumed starter for this week’s game. Meaning Dak will able to absorb more from the sidelines. Something he has credited himself for having to do while being inactive.

“It’s not that I’m learning things new about the defenses we face or anything like that, but I’m seeing more and more just how simple this game can be… Hearing the calls in the headset and then seeing how defenses line up from the sideline reinforces that sometimes all you have to do is slow the game down and go through the design of the plays.”

Could he return to action this Sunday? It’s possible. His return to practice certainly helps his case. Especially with matchups against the LA Rams, Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions on deck.

A healthy Dak would be a welcomed sight. And just in time.

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Mandatory Credit: Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports