The Dallas Cowboys are set to hit the road for a divisional matchup with the New York Giants on Sunday. Dallas has a chance to create even more separation in the NFC East while continuing its playoff push.

While a win is important, Dak Prescott is the most important storyline for the Cowboys in week 15. Prescott has been off his game over the last few weeks, and the Cowboys desperately need him to get back on track.

Prescott looked the part of an MVP candidate until suffering a calf strain injury in the final play of the win over the Patriots this season. Since then, Prescott has missed one game and has looked like a shell of himself.

The struggles are not all on Prescott, to be fair. There has been some musical chairs along the offensive line. The run game has been nonexistent outside of one big run by Tony Pollard against the Saints. The wide receivers has been very inconsistent, and the play-calling has been strange.

Dallas needs to find a way to get Prescott back to being comfortable. A matchup against the Giants defense presents the Cowboys an opportunity to work out its offensive kinks. Kellen Moore must put Dak Prescott in positions to succeed on Sunday.

This is not just about week 15; rather, this is more for the remainder of the season.

The Dallas Cowboys finally have a defense that is championship caliber. Micah Parsons is a budding superstar, and Trevon Diggs is a turnover magnet. Add in a healthy defensive line with DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory, the Cowboys have a defense that is ready to win.

In order for the Cowboys to reach its goals, the team needs Dak Prescott to get back to being Dak Prescott. That is the most important thing for the Cowboys on Sunday as we enter the home stretch of the regular season.

Featured image via Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports