If there’s one thing we learned from Tony Pollard’s last couple of seasons is that he deserves more snaps. The explosive Dallas Cowboys’ running back has been a big play-maker for the team averaging 6.2 yards per touch in 2021 in 169 touches.

The Cowboys seem to finally understand he needs more playing time. At least for now.

In the first week of OTAs, reports emerged on Ezekiel Elliott and Pollard sharing the field with Tony lined up in the slot during team drills.

Getting Pollard involved more often in the passing game has been something Cowboys Nation has been wanting to see for a while now, and lining him up in the slot would be a creative way to do so.

In the second week of OTAs, things got even more interesting for Pollard. During specific passing drills, the running back didn’t work with his original position group. Instead, while running backs lined up on one side of the field, Pollard lined up on the other with the wide receivers.

This was noted as one of the major takeaways from Thursday’s session of OTAs on the Dallas Cowboys website:

“Perhaps in another way to use Pollard more, the Cowboys had him lining up with the receivers on specific passing drills. On one side of the field, the running backs and tight ends lined up, with all the receivers on the other. But Pollard worked with the receivers, who ran a deeper route.”

One thing is for Pollard to be lining up in the slot during team drills. Especially while Michael Gallup, Jalen Tolbert, and James Washington are dealing with injuries. But working with wide receivers in specific drills is a note-worthy change-up in practice.

Perhaps the Cowboys want to get Pollard working on his receiving skills before deciding how much playing time he’ll get at receiver.

Keep in mind, that these are only OTAs. The Cowboys have run plenty of offseason experiments before only to dismiss them when the regular season comes around. Even still, this is one to keep a close eye on.

Featured image via Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports