Much has been said about the winners and losers from the Dallas Cowboys – Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame Game. However, most of the talk has centered around current players and coaches. After all, it’s officially time to talk actual, real football. Yet, Cowboys Nation should take a moment to think about two of the biggest winners of the week… Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson, who shared a unique moment in the FOX pregame show.

Jimmy Johnson will finally join Jerry Jones and others in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Although Jimmy isn’t going to match Jerry’s 2017 $16 million induction party, justice has been made for the two-time Super Bowl-winning Head Coach.

Right now, you’re probably thinking: “It should’ve been more than two.” And you’re probably right. The Dallas Cowboys became the first team to win three Super Bowls in four years when Barry Switzer won another one after taking over for Johnson. But just about everyone will agree that was still – one way or another – Jimmy’s team.

Had Jerry Jones not removed Jimmy Johnson as the architect of the 90s Cowboys, who could say what the future of the franchise would’ve looked like. Maybe, just maybe, the Cowboys would’ve enjoyed a success similar to the one Bill Belichick and Tom Brady found over two decades. Maybe the franchise’s success would’ve died off either way. No one can really know. That’s for Cowboys fans to ponder at night before going to sleep.

Jerry Jones knows this, as well. “My role here… It was my job to keep it together. It was my job,” said the Dallas Cowboys owner in the opening press conference of training camp.

For years, the history between the two has caused Cowboys fans to hold certain remorse toward Jerry Jones. A lot has been said about their relationship, which at one point became a broken one. Fans, writers, coaches, executives, and more have speculated on the reasons why Jimmy Johnson isn’t up there in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor alongside the likes of Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin. More on that later.

But as much as fans want to speculate about their fractured relationship, as we sit here preparing for the 2021 NFL season, rest assured Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson are at peace with each other. More than that, they appear to have put their differences aside and struck friendship once again.

In a pregame segment of NFL on FOX, Jerry and Jimmy openly talked about their relationship. In it, they were so comfortable that Terry Bradshaw described the situation saying that “It’s almost like y’all want to grab and kiss one another because it truly is love and affection, and respect between the two of you.”

“(Jerry) said ‘Jimmy, we pull this off and we’ll make sports history’… and we did! We made sports history” recalled Jimmy Johnson about a time when Jerry was about to buy the Dallas Cowboys.

Despite not offering an exact date, Jerry Jones confirmed on the show that Jimmy will be in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. “While I’m alive?” asked Johnson before bursting out laughing.

“He gave it everything he had and more. And we, the Cowboys and Jerry Jones, are beneficiaries of that. You’re all there.” said Jerry as Jimmy Johnson put his arm around him.

Jerry Jones has done a lot of good things for the Cowboys and the NFL, which is why he wears a Gold Jacket. But his career has also featured plenty of mistakes. As he gets ready to turn 79 in October, it’s nice to see him fixing his relationship with Jimmy Johnson.

And although fans would have preferred the relationship to never have been broken in the first place, they surely appreciate the wholesome content the couple is providing in 2021.

In Jerry Jones’ Hall of Fame speech in 2017, he talked about what John Madden said about the Hall.

“He talked about how when they turn out the lights tonight in the Hall, the busts talk to each other… Tonight, when they turn out the lights in the Hall, I can’t wait to look over and talk to you and tell you how much you mean to me.”

Well, Jerry Jones’ bust has been able to catch up with John Madden for four years now.

Now, Jimmy Johnson’s bust is also in the Hall. When the lights go out, I like to think that Jerry will look over to Jimmy and that they will talk for a long time.

Maybe about what could’ve been. Maybe about what it was. Or maybe, they’ll just casually talk about football, like old friends who met back in Arkansas.

Featured Image via Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports