After beating Memphis, many have figured out that Dallas only won their games against mediocre competition.

When they’ve battled against a worthy team, their offense struggled and defense can not defend a soul.

Why is that? How long will this continue to happen this season?

My guess is as good as yours as it raises some concerns during these last 11 games.

That has been the story so far during the first 24 games, as the only game they were able to beat a top team was Denver back on Nov.15th.

Since that lone game, they have not beaten a good team and lost 8 out of their last 11 games.

At this current rate, the Mavericks will be looking at another first-round exit for the 10th straight season if they make it to the playoffs.

What is true is they do not look like a team capable of being a threat in the Western Conference.

Since Luka Doncic has been with Dallas, he has been the only superstar-worthy player the organization can build around.

He is now seeing what is happening and knows he needs help to finish games and be effective in the 4th quarter.

During his postgame interview, he told ESPN that lately, they have got their butts kicked. In games such as last night, they stayed aggressive, and it paid off.

The story of the Mavericks season is they find their rhythm against lower-level competition but not against good teams.

The Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, and Miami Heat all come to mind of how they struggled on both ends of the floor against those three.

Defense was abused on the boards, and the offense became predictable on every possession.

Jason Kidd need to shuffle lineups, find mismatches, and come up with ways to give the team an advantage.

Mark Cuban and the front office need to find trade partners and bring in quality talent on offense and defense.

If they choose to roll out their current weekly roster, they will continue their average performance trend.



Featured Image by Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports