Reggie Bullock knows why Dallas signed him in the offseason. And after early struggles in week one, he got to show his value in front of a hometown crowd Tuesday night.

In Dallas’ 116-106 win, Bullock provided 16 points in 17 minutes off the pine. He scored his points in bunches, tallying eight in the second quarter and eight more when it mattered most in the fourth. And to Bullock, the cherry on top of a good offensive outing was the opportunity to show the fans exactly what he brings to the table every night.

“This is one of the reasons they brung me here, to shoot the ball,” Bullock said after the game. “It was a great confidence builder to see some shots go in, in front of the fans. It’s all about me finding my groove. Me finding my shots. And knowing where those will come from every night.”

Defense comes first for Bullock and the Mavs.

It wasn’t just offense Bullock brought to the table in Dallas’ home opener. Good defense tagged along. And, actually, he attributes his offensive production to the energy and ferociousness he brought on the defensive side of the floor.

Bullock spent a large amount of his time on the floor guarding Eric Gordon. He said that with a scorer of Gordon’s caliber, he just wanted to make life difficult for him. It seemed to work. In the second and fourth quarter, with Bullock on the floor, Gordon scored four points on three shots total. Meanwhile, in the first and third quarters, Gordon scored 18 total points and had free reign to attack whenever he saw fit.

In defending at a high level, Bullock said that it aided him in finding his offensive legs. He now aims to do more of that every night.

“Being able to lock in on the defensive end and lock in on personnel every night, it’s all about us doing it collectively together,” Bullock said. “Being aggressive with the opponent that you have to guard, it definitely [helps] you get your legs and have the confidence to put shots up.

“Gordon is a tough offensive player. I was trying to make it tough for him. That just allowed me to continue working, and build my wind, and being able to knock down shots when it comes down to it.”

High praise for Bullock comes from all around.

Bullock’s play garnered praise from everyone, but the most important voice remains head coach Jason Kidd.

“Reggie changed the game for us,” Kidd said. “It’s a beautiful thing – the chemistry, and accountability held tonight.”

Not far off from Kidd, Luka Dončić echoed similar sentiments regarding Bullock’s effort in the home opener.

“He’s [Bullock] an amazing player,” Dončić said. “Last year, when I played against the [New York] Knicks, he was always guarding me. He’s a hell of a defender. We just got to go from here.”

On the floor, there is a clear consistency between the style of play Dončić – who finished the game with 26 points – likes, and what Bullock is capable of doing from behind the 3-point line.

And after the game, Kidd bemoaned only finding 17 minutes for Bullock, promising that he will get him more involved in the day-to-day lineup. If that promise holds true, Kidd’s reasoning appears self-evident; Bullock provides the Mavericks with everything needed from a 3-and-D wing every night.

“It was a great home opener – being able to play in front of the fans,” Bullock said. “I am a new face in town. This is what they brought me here to do: shoot the ball and be a defensive player. It was a great outing. I just have to continue to keep it up, continue to get back in the gym, continue to grow, and continue to keep falling in love with the city like I already am.”

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