The Dallas Mavericks continue on their streak of offensive woes, lack of physicality, and being an average team.

They may be worse than average as Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis are the only two individuals who consistently score baskets.

While this team’s confidence continues to dwindle, owner Mark Cuban downplays the offense shooting struggles.

They all want to know what will it take for him to make moves to better the team.

Cuban looks satisfied with winning the franchise’s lone championship in 2011, which was over a decade ago.

There are players such as Myles Turner, who they played against last night, that are looking for a new and fresh start on another team.

Turner would instantly become a dominant force in the paint and will add some physicality to the team.

Ben Simmons’s name popped up in the media as Doncic spoke about how he would love to play alongside him.

The thing about Simmons is he is a liability on the perimeter, which is a major concern for the team.

Right now, this team is not good and does not pose a threat to anyone they go up against.

Cuban seems okay with the offense struggling to find a rhythm and the defense getting outworked in the paint.

Jason Kidd deserves some criticism but not too much as this roster is not talented enough to work with.

His main issue is he seems too laid back and is too much of a player’s coach when things are not going as planned.

Rick Carlisle might be too stubborn to adapt, but he did not let his players be okay with losing.

Cuban has to step his foot forward and put players, coaches, and staff in the best positions for everyone to succeed.



Featured Image by Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports