Luka Doncic is already one of the best players in the NBA, and after recent news, he’s getting better.

Doncic reportedly has focused on his conditioning all summer, one of his Slovenian trainers, Anze Macek, told SportKlub Slovenija.

This is what Doncic’s trainer had to say: “Shortly after the end of the season, he contacted me and said that he wanted to start fitness training immediately. Together with Goran Dragic, they worked for three weeks,” Macek said… “The national team action followed. When he went on vacation, he asked me for a work plan.”

“He remains active,” he said. “I am in contact with him almost on a daily basis. He keeps his shape. He will improve everything during the national team practices where he will prepare with maximum effort.”

In photos throughout the summer, Doncic has looked slim and in shape. It’s clear that whatever he’s doing is working.

Exhibit A:

However, off-season workout photos/videos/Instagram stories are notoriously edited and not always an accurate representation.

But it does stir up some interest in what shape Doncic could be in at the start of NBA training camp.

Macek later said that the criticism of his conditioning drove Doncic’s commitment to working out this offseason.

Still, an in-shape Doncic may mean bad news for the rest of the NBA. It is what held him back from winning an MVP last season, and it may be the difference maker in him winning the award in the 2022-23 season.

Whatever the case may be, Doncic appears to be in the best shape of his career as of late.

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