Jason Kidd said Dwight Powell is the projected starting center of the Dallas Mavericks to start the season. Yet, his glowing impression of Moses Brown’s work ethic indicates that things are still subject to change.

“His work ethic, he is one of the first here and he’s one of the last to leave,” Kidd said. “When you talk about – at a young age – his ability to work. And again, the luxury we have here is having someone like Tyson [Chandler] being able to work with him. The time that he’s been here since we acquired him, he’s gotten a lot better, and you can see that on the floor. He dominates the offensive glass for us… He’s doing extremely well.”

Though Kidd’s approval of Brown’s improvements is paramount, he isn’t the only one to take notice. Mavs.com writer Eddie Sefko described a defensive play in a scrimmage during practice earlier this week where Brown blocked a layup attempt by Luka Dončić seemingly out of nowhere.

Brown and a Mavericks legend:

It may or may not have been a goaltend, but one thing was clear: the lessons from Mavericks legend Tyson Chandler are working.

And after practice on Saturday, Brown admitted that all he’s trying to do is soak up every bit of knowledge he can from one of the NBA centers he grew up watching.

“He’s been laying out the recipes for success for me, and I’ve just been sticking to it all the way,” Brown said. “Being a young player, I just want to be a sponge every day I come into this place and leave one percent better.”

As for the specific focus of Chandler and Brown’s workout session in practice? They tend to model Chandler’s game. He wants Brown to master the intricacies of anchoring a defense, calling out defensive signals, and being a rim protector who is always in the right position.

“My timing has gotten a lot better, and that’s just a tribute to how much work we’ve been putting in,” Brown said. Plus, I’ve been getting coached a lot, so that’s a tribute to a lot of the work that we have been doing.”

If Brown’s timing has gotten better from last season, things might be scary for the rest of the league. Remember, he is the same player that dropped 21 points and 23 rebounds against the Boston Celtics in the 2020-21 season.

Brown’s connection to Chandler runs deep:

The Mavericks young center is working with a Mavericks legend. The juxtaposition is sticking: Chandler is starting his coaching career, while Brown is trying to get his NBA career off the ground, Chandler has won an NBA championship, Brown has yet to play in a meaningful late-season game. Still, the two have a connection far deeper than just player and coach.

Chandler just so happens to be one of Brown’s father’s favorite players. And as a result, Brown watched a lot of Chandler’s games growing up.

“I knew him just watching him growing up as a fan and being one of my dad’s favorite players,” Brown said. “For him to be able to come in and show me what it takes to be on that level is just a blessing. I just do everything I can to take advantage of that day in and day out.”

If Brown keeps taking in everything Chandler is teaching him, coupled with the insatiable work ethic Kidd described, the sky is not the limit for his talents – the moon is.

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