Since returning to their homecourt, the Dallas Mavericks have struggled on both ends of the floor.

They have gone winless over their past four home games and are now 11-11 (.500) on the season.

The Mavericks need to make a trade to give the team another scoring option they can count on consistently.

Here are two ways the Mavericks have struggled in their return to their home court.

European Duo absences

The last two games have been without Luka Doncic (left ankle soreness) and Kristaps Porzingis (left knee contusion).

Without the European duo, the Mavericks were left with their secondary and third-stringers to step up.

Tim Hardaway Jr stepped up against the Memphis Grizzlies with 29 points and seven rebounds.

He has been the Mavericks’ third scoring option but his inconsistent shooting keeps him from being a superstar.

It was hard enough that Doncic and Porzingis needed more help, but with both out, they do not stand a chance.

Dallas better hope both players do not miss an extended amount of time or the team will plummet.

Free agents have not performed well

The Mavericks have not done well the last few years signing quality free agents.

Reggie Bullock and Sterling Brown have been very disappointing up to this point in the season.

Bullock had his moments but for the most part, has been having not been enough to give the team a reliable scoring option.

Brown has not been worth the signing and has another underwhelming performance tonight with 2 points.

With 50 games left to play, there will be more opportunities for both players to step it up.

As of right now, the experiment has not worked out but hopefully that can change.

If these two can play their roles to the best of their abilities, it will help the team to be better overall.




Featured Image by Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports