They say that no team can never have too many cornerbacks in today’s NFL with how the ball is tossed around. Although that’s true, the game is won in the trenches which means having a plethora of pass rushers is even more valuable.

The Cowboys didn’t waste time addressing that need in the draft as Sam Williams out of Ole Miss was selected in the second round. Before every draft, the best players at every position get graded and ranked by the best minds in the sport. Guys like Aidan Hutchinson, Kayvon Thidbdeaux, and Jermaine Johnson were consistently ahead of Williams, but a former NFL player and NFL analyst says the Cowboys got the best of the bunch.

This isn’t a crazy conclusion. Hutchinson went second overall to the Detroit Lions. Last season for Michigan, Hutchinson was a dominant force. However, Williams had almost identical numbers and he did so against tougher competition in the SEC and one fewer game.

One of the major knocks on Williams is that he has stiff hips and not a lot of bend off the edge. As Baldinger explained, however, he has a lot of professional tools to his game already, and he displayed that against the best across from him.

Williams was one of the 30 visits during the draft process, something the Cowboys value immensely. He was worked out by Quinn and quickly felt he was the right mentor to have as his NFL journey gets underway. The connection was so strong, that Williams told Quinn that he wanted to land in Dallas.

“I told (Dan Quinn before the draft) I want to be a Cowboy. Being worked out by him was a huge honor … I told my agent (after my 30 visit) I don’t want to leave. I told them I’m gonna miss my plane on purpose b/c I don’t wanna leave”, Williams said.

It’s not hard to see why Williams feels that way. He just saw Quinn take Parsons under his wing, and the result was 13 sacks and a Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Williams gets to get that same guidance now, and the fact that he already wants to be taught by him will serve his development well. Being coachable is key.

Feature image via Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports