The Dallas Cowboys had arguably their second-worst loss of the season yesterday evening against the Kansas City Chiefs.

From the very beginning, the Cowboys’ offense could not extend drives to the team in position.

Overall, this was a bad performance on so many levels that was expected to be a shootout.

Here are a few missed opportunities Dallas could not cash in on that resulted in a loss.

Deep ball pass to Michael Gallup

On the first drive of the game, Michael Gallup was able to break free downfield but Dak Prescott overthrew him.

If Dak was to complete this pass, Gallup is either in the endzone or inside the Chiefs’ 20-yard line.

This play would have changed the game from the get-go and Dallas would have had the lead.

Rather of trailing the entire game, the Cowboys would have focused on running the ball with Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard.

Instead, the Cowboys threw three straight passes and were three and out as the Chiefs scored to go up 7-0.

Plays as such you have to cash in on when dealing with numerous injuries and faced with adversity.

Missed timeout before the half

Questionable call for Mike McCarthy to not call timeout when picking up a first down 30 seconds left in the first half.

If a timeout was taken, they would have had 35 seconds to set up a better chance at scoring points.

Instead, Prescott forces an underthrown pass to Ceedee Lamb, which resulted in an interception.

Rather than trailing 10-6 going into halftime, Dallas came away with no points.

This was the first drive in the game where they had success moving the ball downfield.

Due to poor execution, they were once again not rewarded to make this a closer game.

What this means for Dallas?

Dallas will have to play two games (Thanksgiving and next Thursday) over the next 9 days against the Raiders and Saints.

If the Cowboys are truly one of the best teams, they will find ways to not let this loss ruin their season.

Two out of the last three weeks have been horrible losses but Dallas has the talent coaching to overcome obstacles.

Even though Amari Cooper and Ceedee Lamb are both likely out on Thanksgiving, Kellen Moore and Prescott will figure things out.

Reinforcements such as Randy Gregory, Demarcus Lawrence, and Neville Gallimore will be back next month.

These three players will only make the team much better and will help them improve closer to playoffs.

Once Dallas gets back to their style of play and can get out of their ways, they will be back rolling.







Image by Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports