What a close but needed win for the Dallas Mavericks as they found a way to sneak out of San Antonio victorious.

This was a much better performance from the team than last night against the Miami Heat as they were able to get good contributions from multiple individuals.

The Mavericks are now at 5-3 as they will have a bit of a break until their next game on Saturday.

One player that needs to be recognized is Jalen Brunson, who has averaged 28 points the last two games since being inserted into the starting lineup.

While this may be temporary due to injuries to key starters, here are two reasons why him being a starter gives Dallas the best chance at success.

His Playmaking and Leadership qualities

Coming out of Villanova University, Brunson was known as the team’s leader, floor general, and overall a winner.

Over the past two games, we have seen him take his game to the next level as Jason Kidd has given him more opportunities with the ball in his hands.

With Brunson taking more of a leadership role will allow Luka to be more effective later in games.

With his 31 points and 10 rebounds to lead the Mavs, Doncic and Tim Hardaway Jr had their share of scoring opportunities.

This current lineup with Luka and Brunson in the backcourt gives opposing teams something to game plan for.

During his years in Dallas, he has displayed how crucial a true point guard is for his squad.

Kidd has noticed during this stretch of games which is why Brunson is getting more minutes.

Scoring guard opposite of Luka

Since his rookie season, Doncic has been the only true playmaking for Dallas.

In most games that have been the case, but Brunson has been the other playmaker as of late.

Having Brunson and Hardaway Jr step up and take over games like tonight will help preserve Luka later in games.

Kidd seemed to find the lineup and formations with Brunson, Doncic, and Hardaway Jr all on the floor to keep up the fast break and tempo.

So far this season, Brunson is having a breakout year and taking his game to the next level.

If the Mavs can continue to get this type of offensive production from Brunson and many others, this will give the team confidence on many levels.



Image by Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports